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Products Code : ART CSM-01

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ART Machine is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Cashew Shelling Machine. This machine is provide for the continuous and automated shelling of cashew nuts. Machine also includes a shelling station with opposed interacting cutting blades and cutting guides.

An automatic cashew cutting machine which is also called cashew shelling machine performs the first significant job in the cashew processing procedure. Our proficient engineers have designed a piece of precision cashew machinery that greatly improves the efficacy of the shelling operation. Our cashew cutting machine has an effectiveness of 95%, but we are capable of modifying the machine so that it performs better and manufacturing costs are reduced. The shelling machine’s blades pierce and split the row cashew nut and the shell cracks open without severing the kernel. After the shells are removed, the nuts drop and are gathered underneath the cutter.

Our team of engineers design technically advanced cashew cutting machinery at affordable prices and provide excellent service. We believe that there can be no compromises in the manufacturing of cashew processing machines and so stringent production rules and a very high standard of ethics are maintained. Our cashew cutting machines are available in various specifications so customers get precisely what they want.

There are a number of industries in the cashew nut field, but we are the leaders when it comes to manufacturing a cashew cutting machine. The machine is used to cut large stocks of cashews. Our engineers design and assemble then at our state-of-the-art production unit. The features of this machine are its easy installation process and little power consumption. We are also the largest cashew cutting machine manufacturer in Gujarat.


  • Low maintains
  • It is easy to use
  • Low power consumption
  • Fast shelling cashew nuts
  • Automatic handle system
  • Price cost is low as per market rate.
  • High durability
  • Smooth texture
  • Excellent quality
  • Sturdy construction

Product Specification

No Description Specification
1 Skid M.S & S.S.304
2 No of cutter 2 No
3 Speed of Cutter 52 cut per minutes
(Expandable up to 72 cut per minutes)
4 Cutting Capacity 30 to 35 KG/Hr
(Expandable up to 40 to 45)
5 Motor O.S.H.P 1 Phase Motor
6 Power Consumption 375 Walt
7 Motor Make Crompton greaves
8 Duty Cyde 16 Hours/Day Max
9 Cutting Accuracy 1 whole cashew : 94%
2 Split & Bots : 2%
3 Uncut cashew : 4%
10 Total Cutting Capacity 96% Boiling cashew before 18 hours & 180 Count raw cashew nuts
11 Dimension 22”in * 26”in * 60”in length
12 Weight App 128 KG

Product Rules Regulation

  • Transportation Cost, Packing charge. Customer duty and all amounts other than product cost should pay by customer.
  • Non refundable 50% advance Payment requires for booking order and remaining 50% amount will pay on time of delivery.
  • Customer has to pay complete repairing cost, part cost and travel cost for machine maintenance after warranty expired.
  • Warranty not covers any type of Parts or Machinery Damage except manufacturing fault.
  • Provide product rate in only for promotion period, it will change based on market need.
  • Delivery Time is days but it very on circumstances.

Other Details

  • Number of Operators – 01
  • Very low noise
  • High safety
  • Needed labour skills
  • Easy process management
  • Easy maintenance
  • Low cost maintenance